Extra Virgin For Frying

Can I fry in Extra Virgin olive oil?

You can fry in extra virgin olive oil. The combustion temperature of this oil is 180ºC. At higher temperatures, the oil will start to burn. It is very convenient to use it in the oven, multicooker and other devices where you can control the temperature.

Extra Virgin olive oil is healthier than refined vegetable oils, but when heated, some of the nutrients are lost. But still, a part will receive a dish. It is best to pour olive oil over the dish after cooking. This will give it bright aromas of olive oil and new flavors. In Greece, for example, olive oil is added almost everywhere, even in desserts, food is fried on it and then watered before serving.

The best olive oil for frying

For cooking temperatures above 180ºC, it is best to use Pomace olive oil. This refined oil can withstand temperatures up to 260 ºC. There are no useful components in this oil. It has no taste or smell. A kind of ideal frying medium. It is also cheaper than Extra Virgin, and at least twice. After frying in Pomace oil, you can pour the extra virgin oil on the dish if you like the taste.

If you observe the temperature regime, Extra Virgin olive oil does not break down and retains nutritional value better than other oils. This is due to the antioxidants and high oleic acid content. Corn oils and similar oils break down faster and form toxic products.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when fried, forms a crispy crust on the surface of the food. This crust prevents excess oil from absorbing and enhances the flavor of the dish. Food becomes less high-calorie and fatty. These foods are especially good for people on a diet. But for this crust to appear, you need to start frying in hot oil, if it is cold, the food will absorb it.

The benefits of fried food in olive oil

Recent studies have shown that fried is good for the human body, especially from a physiological point of view. Because of this, the cooking method has spread to areas where it was previously less popular. Studies carried out with patients with gastroduodenal problems (gastritis, ulcers, liver and bile problems) have shown that there is no connection between food fried in olive oil and these diseases.

Changes in the structure of the oil appear for 3 reasons: depending on the temperature and duration of the heating time, the time and method of frying (with continuous frying, it changes less), the type of fried food (fried fish, especially fatty fish, increases the polyunsaturated acid content of the oil, contributing to its decomposition) …

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