Extravirgin Olive Oil in 3 liter tin


Extracted from only the finest in Sicilian green olives, the Romano 1838 Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers a balanced blend of authentically robust taste. Romano 1838 features 7 different cultivar, and retains a rich variety of antioxidants, nutrients, and subtle notes of Italian flavors.

About Romano 1838: Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Made exclusively in Sicily, Italy
  • Harvested in October ‘20
  • 100% cold pressed olive oil
  • 100% pure and antioxidant rich
  • Naturally low acidity oil blend
  • 3 year self-life with proper storage

Ingredients: 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Romano 1838 for Healthy Food & Flavor

As a premium cold pressed Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the various health properties in each of our 7 cultivars remain unadulterated and preserved. Enjoy pure Southern Italian healthy flavor on all your favorite salads, pastas, and vegetables.

Deliciously health-savvy and versatile as well, the Romano 1838 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil leaves nothing to be desired.

Can be used raw on fish, fresh cheese, salad, vegetables and bread.


Discover why this perfect blend is adored by families and restaurants alike.

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Extravirgin Olive Oil in 3 liter tin

Weight 7.0 lbs

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