where to buy extravirgin olive oil

Where to buy your extra virgin olive oil

The best place to buy your extra virgin olive oil is definitely the oil mill, but not just any oil mill! It must follow high quality standards, be equipped with new technologies and process a fresh product, freshly harvested and without elements that could ruin the quality of the oil extracted, such as oil fly or olives harvested from the ground. Going to a mill of this kind in October or November you often have opportunity to choose the olives directly, buy them and have them pressed. This is definitely the best way to stock up on quality extra virgin oil all year round and you would save money on packaging and shipping. If you do not have mills that reflect good quality standards nearby, we are the alternative right for you, the mill in Sicily as if it were behind your home, we produce our oil as if you were here and our doors are always open to visit our company. “ we are not traders, we are Producers”, in this sentence that my father used to repeat, our philosophy is embodied. We sell what our tress have produced and we do not compromise with quality. The traders chasing the turnover are attracted by easy earnings looking for the cheapest product, from scams and sophistication. We read a lot of unclear labels about the origin and for this reason the best thing you can do to get a supply of an alement so needful for the kitchen and for our health remains always the mill. And I repeat, we are the ALTERNATIVE, buy your oil from whoever PRODUCE it.

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